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Mothercraft can help provide support and education for a variety of common difficulties that parents and caregivers of small children encounter (particularly in the child’s first couple of years of life, but all the way up to school age).  Some examples of areas a Mothercraft Nurse can help with are:

  • Sleep and settling techniques
  • Breastfeeding support and education
  • Bottle feeding support and education
  • Newborn support and guidance
  • Routine management and guidance
  • Weaning advice and introduction of solids advice and support
  • Behavioural difficulties

A Mothercraft Nurse works alongside parents to empower them.  Kathy gently and respectfully assists parents in gaining confidence and skills in their parenting, and to find the best outcome their own family’s individual situation.

There is a 4 hour minimum booking.  Longer hours can be negotiated as required.

A written report is provided after the consultation as well as a follow up phone call at no extra charge.  For more information, see our contact page.

If you are booking a Mothercraft session for a friend or family member, you can download a Gift Certificate for your person HERE.